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Midnight black

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Award-winning comfort

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Barbara K.
United States

Telic sandals are amazing!

In my household we have 6 pairs of these shoes. Men & women love these because they are so comfortable! I cannot wait to purchase more in other colors.

United States

Yes to Telic!!

I like the Telic slippers very much. I wear them every single day--here it is November and the weather still lets me wear them.

Deelynn H.
United States

I love my a Telics!

I love my a Telics! So comfortable! Fast shipping and great customer service!

United States

Telic sandals are sooo comfortable ❤️

I love the telic sandals!! Very, very comfortable, especially on my tile floors. Makes me want to wear them everywhere!!


These slides have SAVED my feet and ankles!

This will be a LONG review but I need to explain how amazing these slides are! I was born with very, very flat feet to the point where I ended up getting reconstructive surgeries on both feet starting in 2011 and finishing in 2013. Now, this helped, but my feet are still definitely flat. Anyway, after the surgeries I had a lot of pain in my feet/ankles trying to heal for a very long time. Well, one day my mom won these slides in a blog contest and asked me to try them on. INSTANT relief! I couldn't believe it. I could walk around without pain! I would wear them after work to help my aching feet and made them into house shoes. I never was not wearing these at home. Fast forward to this year (about 5 years after I got these) and for some reason my right foot, especially the ankle, has flared up in EXTREME pain! I went to a podiatrist who said I have arthritis and bone spurs and sometimes arthritis can develop after you have big surgeries like I did. Well, I can't wear these slides to work so I've been in extreme pain and can barely make it through the day. I wear these when I'm at home for relief. Well, today I had to go several places and decided to wear these slides out all day. By the end of the day I had almost ZERO pain!! Maybe the very slightest twinge in my ankle but I can't even really tell! The longer I wore them, the better I felt. I have always had shoes make me feel worse and worse throughout the day, even with orthotics, but these are the opposite! I just ordered the clogs so that I can try to get away with wearing them at work. Oh, one other thing I forgot to mention.. I've always had trouble with shoes making the bottoms of my feet ache because I still have flat feet, but too much support hurts the bottom of my feet and arches, and too little support hurts my ankles eventually. Well, these are absolutely perfect. my bones and joints sit in the right position and the material feels great on my achy feet. I love these! I have them in a size M (women's 9) because they were originally for my mom but she gave them to me when she saw how much they helped. I can actually get away with wearing them even though I am a size 10.5-11 in shoes. I can get away with size 10 in sandals and slides. The size M(9) in these slides fits my foot with not even a millimeter left to spare, so I can wear them but if I ever ordered them again I would get a ML (women's 10). I would NOT get a L (women's 11). So if you normally wear a smaller size in sandals/slides and a bigger size in sneakers/boots, definitely go with the size you wear in sandals/slides. These slides are still going strong after 5 years. Thank you so much Telic. I would literally be crying on the floor without these shoes! They literally saved my feet/ankles and my sanity! I still sometimes can't believe this simple slide can help my flat feet and incredibly painful arthritis issues so immensely. Btw, my mom has the clogs and she has been wearing them daily for 5 years as well. She had bunion surgeries years ago and because of the clogs, she walks around without pain! I don't know why I never thought to buy myself a pair of clogs 5 years ago but I'm glad I am now so I can wear at work. PLEASE give these a try if you are in any pain.


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Size Chart

*If you are in-between sizes (or unsure about your size),  please order one size up.

*Our footwear is made in medium to medium-wide lasts. The soft elastic properties of our Novalon® material (used exclusively in Telic), allows for a comfortable fit for many different foot shapes.  For wider feet, we do recommend to order up a size.






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