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by Telic Footwear October 14, 2018


Boise, Idaho, October 14th, 2018 - Telic International LLC has announced they are relaunching their Telic Dream clog as a response to intense consumer demand. The Telic Dream will be available again worldwide in December 2018 for a holiday relaunch.

Telic is podiatrist recommended for plantar fasciitis and many other types of foot ailments. At the same time, devoted athletes wear Telic to recover after training & competition; and other healthy lifestyle consumers to rejuvenate from their daily activities.

According to Dr. Josh Ottenheimer, DPM from Princeton, NJ: "Telics are softer than Crocs and I always recommend them to my patients with planter fasciitis."

Tommy Stuart, FCS Offensive Player of the Year, Duquesne Dukes states that: "Telic’s are the best sandal that I have ever owned. The sleek design helped to correct my foot pain that I was having from cleats and other athletic shoes. I wear my Telic’s everywhere they are not only comfortable but also stylish. Telic’s helped with my chronic aching and soreness, I would recommend them to anyone in athletics or individuals who like wearing sandals.".

The Dream, with its sleek and stylish design, offers year-round comfort! This is an excellent choice for those who want a closed-toe shoe with the option to wear it with or without the backstrap. Pillow-soft, supportive, and tested to be slip resistant (on dry and wet surfaces), the Dream is Telic’s most versatile style.

Made from Telic's exclusive Novalon material, this style supports the arches of the foot through its anatomically correct footbed and custom deep heel cup. The design offers an even weight distribution under the foot and reacts to body temperature to give the feet a hug as they conform perfectly to a wearer's personal shape. The ability of the shoe to adapt and mold to any foot-type is what makes Telic so unique, and gives consumers that feeling of floating above the ground. 

“Our primary consumers are devoted athletes and active lifestyle individuals seeking to rejuvenate most effectively after training and competition,” says Aaron Azzarito, VP Marketing at Telic. “However, the benefits these athletes are experiencing when wearing Telic does not stop with them. The lightweight stability and pillow-soft arch support are a much welcomed relief for almost everyone. A large majority of our customers are now just individuals who crave the relief and comfort of our products after work, travel, or any other long day on their feet. The combination of support and shock absorption leads to a complete underfoot coverage that evenly distributes the weight of the body; eliminating any pressure points under the foot.”

Telic Footwear
Telic Footwear

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