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Doctor Testimonials

Rachel Stern DPM
Chesterton, IN

“The Telics are very comfortable, very supportive and offer great shock absorption.Great for poolside and everywhere!!”


Nate Spangler, MS, DC
Boise, ID
"Telic footwear is a great healthy option for many of my clients. The combination of soft supportive material and orthodic-grade arch support makes for an excellent choice as a house shoe, recovery shoe, or any casual walking/standing activities. I wear and recommend the product."

Robert J. Joseph DPM
Beverly Hills, CA

“Finally a day in sandals without pain! Telic has designed a beautifully contoured foot-bed and paired it with an ultra-soft shock absorbing material that can immediately relieve common foot pain and stress issues from everyday activities.”


Kazuya Hisa, Hospital Chairman
Medical Corporation Corporate Aobunizai Association Shimokitazawa, Japan

“TELIC has its own rocker function, material, three-dimensional shape and weight. It reduces the burden on the joints, muscles, skin and the foot by clearly reducing foot sole pressure. I like them mostly because you can expect a good recovery effect!"

Ally Garten DPM
Charlotte, NC

“Telics fit well and they are simply the most comfortable flip flop I have worn.”

Allen Sater DPM
Jupiter, FL

“The Telic's are supportive in the arch. They have a nice heel cushion and come in great colors!”

Lisa Brandy DPM
Desoto, TX

“The Telics have a good arch support and they are very lightweight.”

Gary Prant DPM
Austin, TX  

"Telic sandals are the most comfortable sandals anyone in our office has ever worn. I probably have almost ever type of sandal ever made, (for research purposes), so I speak with the authority not just of an orthotic wearing podiatrist but also as something of a connoisseur of sandals. In fact, the Telic sandals won the 2013 New York Times Readers Choice Poll as the “Best Comfort Shoe.” Medically, I have found the Telic sandals are EXCELLENT for people with heel pain/plantar fascitis and Mortons neuromas!"

Chris Vanderford, DPT
Boise, ID  

"Telic offers a sandal that locks to the foot while providing excellent shock absorption and rebound. The built in arch support combined with the heat activated conforming Novalon material makes Telic a great healthy footwear option for many of my clients."

Neil Burrell DPM
Beaumont, TX

“Telic flip flops are the best. A lady stopped me at Atlantis, Bahamas and showed me hers of a different brand. I showed her mine and she felt them and tried them on and she couldn’t believe the difference! She said she was going to order a pair when she got back to the states!”


Jondelle Jenkins DPM
Chicago, IL

“The Telic Flip Flops are very comfortable, anatomically correct and have style and bright colors! Happy summer shoe with orthotic grade arch support!”

Amber Pairot DPM
Metarie, LA

“The Telics are very comfortable and supportive and did I mention they are cute!”

Peter Brieloff DPM
Cumberland, MD

“Telic Flip Flops are the most comfortable, supportive flip flops available on the market. I wear them and recommend them.”


Pam Kirby DPM
Port Orange, FL

“The Telics are very lightweight. I love the way they mold to your feet and the colors are awesome!!”

Howard Petusevsky DPM
Tamarac, FL

“The Telics are feather light and they have a great medial support. I need all the support possible and the pair I am wearing gives me plenty!!


Celeste Borchers DPM
San Antonio, TX

“These flip flops are amazing!They cup my heel and mold to my arch.

Todd Behrmann DPM
Tarpon Springs, FL

“The Telics have an awesome medial arch support. I have ordered many pairs for my patients!”


Jeffrey A. Klemes DPM
Los Angeles, CA

“I have been fortunate to sample Telic sandals. I find them to be most comfortable. They are well contouring to the feet, and have excellent cushioning. I will happily recommend them to my patients.”

Courtney Glenn DPM
Hoschton, GA

“The Telics are an excellent arch support and would make a perfect house shoe.”

Howard Fendell DPM
Hallandale, FL

“The Telics feel good and are very supportive. They have a very good medial arch support which help my patients who need extra support for various foot conditions.”


Michael Schwartzman DPM
West Chicago, IL

“Telic Sandals are super comfortable with orthotic grade arch support!!”


David Cantor DPM
Miami, FL

“I love my Telic sandals. My feet are no longer tired from walking around the pool, yard and in the mall!!


Gemma English DPM
Hoschton, GA

“The Telics are comfortable, soft yet supportive.”

Anthony Spitz DPM
Wheeling , IL

“I love the Telic’s. It’s the most comfortable flip flop on the market to wear in the yard, at the beach, at the house and at the gym.”


Bassem Demian DPM
Brick, NJ

“I tried the Telic Sandals today at the Region 3 Conference and they felt like no other sandal. The arch support was firm but not too bulky. The style is eye catching. I spotted the display down from the aisle. I can't wait to wear them all day!!”


Larry Sturm DPM
Hallandale, FL

“The Telics are comfortable, light and attractive. Furthermore they provide an excellent support in the arch.”


Eric A. Wolfe DPM
Hellertown, PA

“Great product! Love the arch support. Great styles!!”


Jyotsna Thapar DPM
South Plainfield, NJ

“The Telics have better arch support than other brands and are very comfortable!”


Kevin Lam DPM
Naples, FL

“The Telics are so comfortable with a good arch support. They are less expensive than the fit flops which will make my patients happy as I am converting all my Flip flop business toTelic!”


Jason Grossman DPM
Old Bridge, NJ

“The Telics are the most comfortable sandals out there. I wore them while in Disney and they were more comfortable than wearing sneakers.”


Rosemarie Caillier DPM
Tuscaloosa, AL

“Telic flip flops are the most comfortable I have tried with my arch type. It's not too firm and they are very supportive.”

Jon Lubitz DPM
Titusville, FL

“The Telic's have a great fit and are very comfortable!”

Daniela Farkas DPM
Hallandale, FL

“Telics are unusual in that they are so light yet supportive. They are nice for the summer and the best thing is that they are soft and have a nice arch support.”


Kim Reichart DPM
Bellville, IL

“We were at the pool at the national convention and saw someone wearing a sandal that we thought looked as though it was constructed with a nice arch support. We asked the brand and she told us she got them at the show. We visited the vendor and were amazed at the comfort of the sandal. My wife and I both got a pair.”

Michael Ball DPM
Boca Raton, FL

“The Telic's have great shock absorption and a comfortable arch support.”

Mansoor Virani DPM
Villa Park, IL

“I am impressed and amazed of the comfort the sandals provide.”

John Bushta DPM
Peckville, PA

“Love the Telic Sandals! Great feel when walking with them!”


Jennifer Dowd DPM
Little Silver, NJ

“Love the lightweight material. The colors are fabulous and they have terrific support!”


Steven Sheridan DPM
Sandusky, MI

“The Telics are water tolerant, one material and easy to clean.”

Joan McNeela DPM
Titusville, FL

“The arch support in the Telic's feels great!!”

Richard Genovese DPM
Gardner, MA
The Telics are a really comfortable sandal!”

Jonathan Lesar DPM
Cleveland, OH

“The Telics are comfortable stable fit and at the right price.”

Rikhil Patel DPM
Naples, FL

“The Telics gave me instant comfort when wearing them. I like the fact that the arch support in the Telic does not collapse when I wear them.”


Steven Chen DPM
Bryn Mawr, PA

“The Telics have good longitudinal support in the medial arch and great heel cushion. Telic should be good for people complaining of heel pain.”

Josh Ottenheimer DPM
Princeton, NJ

“Telics are softer than Crocs and I always recommend them to my patients with planter fasciitis.”


Stephanie Hook DPM
Syracuse, NY

“The Telic sandals were immediately comfortable! Fantastic support yet very cushioned.”

Ujjwal K. Datta DPM
Bound Brook, NJ

“These sandals feel very comfortable. Highly recommend them for my patients.”


Richard Johnson DPM
St. Augustine, FL

“The Telics are amazing and a great alternative to sneakers and arch supports for our flip flop patients.”

Warren Levy DPM
Chicago, IL

“Telic Flip Flops are the best sandals on the market. The arch support is superior to other brands. Patients love the flip flops. They combine great fit without compromising the support or comfort. Great flip flops!!”


Beth Klawitter DPM
Omaha, NE

“The Telic Flip Flops stay on my feet much better than typical flip flops and they are so comfy and supportive!! I recommend them to all my patients.”

Mark Spaccapaniccia DPM
Lombard, IL

“My Telic sandals are amazing. My feet feel great at the end of the day. They have the perfect arch height for all day comfort. Wish I had one in each color.”

Jeanette Velasquez DPM
Flowery Branch, GA

“Love these sandals! Very comfortable! Very cushiony! Light Weight!”

Ronald Wroblewski DPM
Milwaukee, WI

“The Telic Flip Flops are adequate sized for a large person’s foot. The toe spindles adhere unlike any other flip flop on the market. Made in the USA!”

Andrew Green DPM
Daytona Beach, FL

“The Telics are really soft like walking on air. I sell these to my patients all day long!!


Bernadette Giangreco DPM
Marion, NJ

“The Telic Flip Flops are very comfy and great for house shoes!”

Seth Rubenstein DPM
Reston, VA

“The Telics offer comfort, great to walk in at a great price!”

Carla Emery DPM
Austin, TX

“The Telic's came highly recommended by my on call partner - I think they feel great!!”

Joseph Taub DPM
Stuart, FL

“The Telic's are comfortable in the arch and have a really nice soft heel and arch area.”

Horst Knapp DPM
Frisco, TX

“The Telics are soft and have a negative heel which make them very comfortable!”

Steven Hoffman DPM
Flower Mound, TX

“Telic's negative heel relieves plantar fascia discomfort and feels great after workouts.”

Jay Alter DPM
Boynton Beach, FL

“The Telic's are supportive, accommodating for people with arch and heel pain.”

Joseph Morgan DPM
Odessa, TX

“The Telic's are a fantastic fix and support. They are very comfortable! Love the colors. I recommend them to most of my office patients.”


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Adult + Children's Size Chart

Find the Children's size chart below the Men's & Women's.

*If you are in-between sizes (or unsure about your size),  please order one size up.

*Our footwear is made in medium to medium-wide lasts. The soft elastic properties of our Novalon® material (used exclusively in Telic), allows for a comfortable fit for many different foot shapes.  For wider feet, we do recommend to order up a size.


Men's & Women's





5 35


6 36/37


7 38


8  39


9 8 40/41


10 9 42


11 10 43


12 11 44/45


12 46


13 47


14 48/49


C5 20 4 4.75" 12.1
C6 22 5 5.125" 13
C7 23 6 5.5" 14
C8 24 7 5.75" 14.6
C9 25 8 6.125" 15.6
C10 27 9 6.5" 16.5
C11 28 10 6.75" 17.1
C12 30 11 7.125" 18.1
C13 31 12 7.5" 19.1
J1 32 13 7.75" 19.7
J2 33 1 8.125" 20.6
J3 34 2 8.5" 21.6

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