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Athlete Testimonials

Justin Kurek
Two-Time Canadian 50km Champion, Guinness World Record Holder
"With spending 100+ miles a week on my feet, recovery and comfort are paramount to my training. Telic footwear are perfect as they have great arch support, comfortable material and are durable and long lasting. I am so passionate about Telic footwear that I have my entire family and friends wearing them!"

Lou Holtz
American football player, coach & analyst

“Great Shoe. Really feels like I am walking on clouds. Telic's are so comfortable, Thank You.”  

Yo Yossavadee
Triathlete, Actress, Model
"My daily training puts a lot of pressure on my legs and feet, and after sports wearing Telic really helps me relax better. They are so light, comfortable and massage your feet. I use them after training and sports competitions, but I think everyone should try them just for the amazing comfort."

Kenny Lofton
Six-time MLB All-Star

"Absolutely love the combination of support and shock absorption! I've never felt anything like it. I wish they had these available back in my playing days. I might still be out there! lol"

Claudia Hufnagl
World Cup Swimmer, Multiple Austrian Champion

"I spend so much time in the pool and when I get out I love the great comfort of Telic's and they also help my body regenerate!"

Jay Chanathip
Thailand National Soccer Team

"@telicfootwear @telicthailand Telic is the best comfort shoe!!"

Niyah Rosen

"Telic's are the comfiest shoes in the world that protect my feet everywhere I go. They have supported me in my journey and I couldn't be more grateful. And I have fallen in love with my new Limited-edition Flip Flops!"

Ray Allen
Two-time NBA Champion, NBA Hall of Fame
"I absolutely love my Lime Telic Flip Flops. I never thought a Flip Flop could be so comfortable and feel so great! After all these years of playing basketball the support and comfort is something my feet really really need."

Hans Koeleman
Two-time Steeplechase Olympian & NCAA Champion

“Telic is the most comfortable shoe I have ever had on my feet and I literally wear them all the time! I just wish I had had them back when I was competing.”

Jim McMahon
Two-time NFL Super Bowl Champion

“@telicfootwear thx guys I luv my @telicfootwear! 1 of the most comfy things I’ve ever worn!”

Claudi Hauth

"My coach is very serious about making me take enough time to regenerate from all the strains and exhaustion from triathlon training and competing - and for me wearing Telic is part of that program. At the pool I always have my Telic's with me - they are so light, convenient and slip-resistant AND STYLISH."

Jason Azzarito
Gonzaga University Men's Golf 2008-2010  

"My Telic slides have truly been a lifesaver. After walking 18 holes, there is no better feeling than taking off my golf shoes and slipping into my Telic's."

Tim Brown
Heisman Trophy & NFL Hall of Fame

“Wow, love this feel. I don’t ever want to take them off.”

Miška Izakovičová
Climber & Mountaineer

"Telic is my favorite footwear to wear before and after climbing and especially on rest days."  

Detlef Schrempf
Three-time NBA All-Star, NBA Finalist, Olympian

“@telicfootwear Thanks to Telic Footwear my feet can recover!”

Miyuki Matsumura
Professional Beach Volleyball

"My favorite is the Telic Pink Flip Flop. I love the comfy feel of Telic's - soft like walking barefoot on the sand but with great energy return!"

Tommy Stuart
FCS Offensive 2017 Player of the Year

"Telic’s are the best sandal that I have ever owned. The sleek design helped to correct my foot pain that I was having from cleats and other athletic shoes. I wear my Telic’s everywhere they are not only comfortable but also stylish. Telic’s helped with my chronic aching and soreness, I would recommend them to anyone in athletics or individuals who like wearing sandals."

Nadine Eule-Mau

"I use yoga, surfing, walking, traveling and Telic's to rejuvenate!"

Simon Yates
Mountaineer, Touching The Void  

“I’ve been using Telic for a couple of years, they offer fantastic comfort after long periods spent in heavy mountaineering boots and are an ideal mountain hut or base camp slipper.”


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Adult + Children's Size Chart

Find the Children's size chart below the Men's & Women's.

*If you are in-between sizes (or unsure about your size),  please order one size up.

*Our footwear is made in medium to medium-wide lasts. The soft elastic properties of our Novalon® material (used exclusively in Telic), allows for a comfortable fit for many different foot shapes.  For wider feet, we do recommend to order up a size.


Men's & Women's





5 35


6 36/37


7 38


8  39


9 8 40/41


10 9 42


11 10 43


12 11 44/45


12 46


13 47


14 48/49


C5 20 4 4.75" 12.1
C6 22 5 5.125" 13
C7 23 6 5.5" 14
C8 24 7 5.75" 14.6
C9 25 8 6.125" 15.6
C10 27 9 6.5" 16.5
C11 28 10 6.75" 17.1
C12 30 11 7.125" 18.1
C13 31 12 7.5" 19.1
J1 32 13 7.75" 19.7
J2 33 1 8.125" 20.6
J3 34 2 8.5" 21.6

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