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Common Questions

How do I clean my Telics?
Novalon® material is non-porous, so keeping your Telics looking good is easy. You can either toss them in your washing machine (cold water only) with mild detergent, or scrub them in the sink with a brush and mild soap. Once washed, towel them dry and they’re ready to wear immediately. NEVER put your Telics in the dryer or direct sunlight to dry.

What are Telic’s made of?
Telic footwear is made from Novalon®. Novalon® has tested to be latex and allergy free. The unique blend of elasto-polymers is feather-light, pillow soft, and provides exceptional cushioning, rebound, and elasticity. Telic shoes not only absorb shock, but they have a noticeable “bounce back” effect that makes you feel like you are floating above the ground. 

How long do Telic last? Do you have a wear guarantee? 
All Telic footwear comes with a 6 month wear guarantee and an unlimited warranty against all manufacturers’ defects.

How does heat and cold affect Telic?  
Cold weather will make  Novalon®  firmer while warm temperatures will soften. Temperatures above 100 Degrees can cause Telic to shrink.  Try to keep Telic out of extreme high temperatures and away from direct standing sunlight.

Will Telic relieve foot pain and help me recover?  
Yes…People with sore or tired feet feel an almost instantaneous relief. Learn more here:   https://telic.com/pages/technology

How does Telic fit?  
Telic comes in full sizes only. Half sizes should be rounded up for all styles. The elasticity of Novalon® provides a secure, snug fit for a wide variety of foot shapes. Click here to view our size chart:   https://telic.com/pages/size-chart

What is the footbed like? How is the arch support?  
All Telic footwear come with an anatomically correct footbed and a self-correcting orthotic grade arch support. Telic’s Novalon® material is extremely shock absorbent and has a unique rebound quality that puts the “bounce” back in your step.

How do I track my order?

If you have not received tracking, you can enter in your order number here to check the status of your order:   https://telic.com/apps/hasitshippedyet

After Telic has provided you with a UPS tracking number, you can follow the status of the shipment by entering the number through www.ups.com. Once the package arrives in your city, UPS may choose to deliver the package that day (if they are in your area). Otherwise, your package will be handed off to USPS to finalize the delivery on the following day.


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Size Chart

*If you are in-between sizes (or unsure about your size),  please order one size up.






5 35


6 36/37


7 38


8  39


9 8 40/41


10 9 42


11 10 43


12 11 44/45


12 46


13 47


14 48/49