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What's In A Color?

by Telic Footwear October 10, 2016

What's In A Color?

There are a lot of factors in our day-to-day routine that have an ability to affect our moods (i.e. traffic, weather, and work). But one factor that may take a lot of people by surprise is color. More than one hundred years ago, Austrian philosopher, Rudolf Steiner, alleged that surrounding colors influenced mental well-being.

As wishy-washy as this may sound to some people, color can play an important role in how you feel. “Your choice of color can impact your general well-being” explains color therapist Elizabeth Harper. “Red, orange and yellow are warm colors that boost enthusiasm, fuel passion, and stimulate joy, while nurturing cool colors such as green, blue, and violet offer a sense of peace, hope and contentment.”
So, what IS in a color?? We have taken the qualities of each color to give you a little bit of insight on how the color of your Telics can affect your mood.   
The most emotionally intense of all the colors. Red increases physical energy, vitality, spontaneity and passion. It is stimulating and lively, and very friendly, and it also enhances metabolism, increases respiration rate, and raises blood pressure. Drawn to Fresh Cranberry? Environmental psychologists suggest that you are a go-getter interested in power and confidence.
Being a tint of red, pink also affects us physically, but it soothes, rather than stimulates. Pink is a powerful color, psychologically. It represents the feminine principle, and survival of the species; it is nurturing and physically soothing. Did you know that the color pink is used in many hospitals and health care facilities to help dissolve feelings of anger and encourage feelings of calmness and love? Pretty stinkin’ cool!
Like Red, Orange has bright hues, but instead produces a feeling of warmth opposed to urgency. It combines the energy of red and the happiness of yellow creating a color full of joy. Orange stimulates creativity, productivity, optimism, enthusiasm, success, and encouragement. It has an amazing affect on our mood and our minds. When we see orange, our brains receive more oxygen which stimulates our mental activity. If you wear our Sweet Tangerine, you may see an increase in your energy & productivity levels.  
Feeling like a stress-mess? We've got you! Green strikes the eye in such a way as to require no adjustment whatever and is, therefore, restful (which can also improve vision). Being in the center of the spectrum, it is the color of balance - a more important concept than many people realize. Green supports balance, harmony, communication, nature and acceptance. Wearing our Key Lime can help relieve stress and help you to relax.
Close your eyes and think about the color blue. No seriously…close your eyes. What came to mind? The ocean? A clear blue sky? Whatever it was, we bet you felt relaxed! Blue is all about feeling calm- clear skies and calm seas makes for smooth sailing. It is the color of the mind and is essentially soothing; it affects us mentally, rather than the physical reaction we have to red. Leaning towards wearing Deep Ocean may suggest that you are dependable and trustworthy.
A Telic Best Seller! As a part of the "Green Family" Aqua is associated with emotional healing, health, understanding, and protection. Peaceful and tranquil, it causes the body to produce calming chemicals that increase kindness, honesty, inner peace and emotional depth. Choose our Aqua Lagoon if you’re looking to calm the mind and aid concentration.
Feeling romantic and feminine? Look no further! Purple combines the stability of blue with the energy of red. It is highly introvertive and encourages deep contemplation, or meditation. Purple stimulates intuition, imagination, mediation and artistic qualities. If you wear our Grape Vine, you may notice artistic and nostalgic feelings.  
If you are looking to impress your guests, look no further. Gray is the color of intellect, knowledge, and wisdom. Being called the color of compromise, gray is a timeless and practical color that is often viewed as being formal, conservative, and sophisticated.  
White is associated with goodness, innocence, and purity. It is considered to be the color of perfection. It represents a successful or new beginning and is often used to feel a sense of youth and modernity. Snow White is great because it is light, neutral and goes with everything. Check, check, check!!
Black is often associated with power, elegance, formality, and mystery.  If you are typically drawn to wearing black, consider yourself stylish and timeless. You can't go wrong with our classic Midnight Black.
Brown is a friendly, yet serious color that relates to security, protection, and comfort.  Brown is the color of earth and is abundant in nature, and it has much of the same seriousness as black, but is warmer and softer. Espresso Brown is a solid, reliable color and most people find it quietly supportive.

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