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Love the way you feel. Relax and recover while wearing telic. Enjoy your company, location, and your food too.

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Tired of coupons that don't put dollars in your pocket? Share your love for Telic, get your friends a discount, and make some cash along the way.

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All you have to do is talk about your shoes. Word of mouth is how we roll.


Ray Allen rocks the telic key lime

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Thanks for your continued support and passion for our American made brand. Share your love for Telic, get your friends a discount….and make some cash along the way.

Should you be selected as a Telic Titan (brand ambassador) we will grant you a promo code.

Your personal promo code can be applied at checkout (by anyone) to receive $5 off. In return, you receive $5 for every pair purchased using your promo code. Weekly payouts of $5 per pair are sent directly to your Venmo or PayPal account. 

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It's more than just word of mouth nowadays. A simple share on the social medias with some kind words and a happy message in a beautiful beach; mountain; river or lake will do wonders to help keep american made products going strong. So keep being you, be active, and if we're with you, take a pic!

Shout out to our friends and supporters in Australia, Germany, Japan, Phillipines, UK, Spain, Israel, Taiwan, Hong Kong and many more!

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Hit us up with your @Venmo, email, name etc. We will review your application and get back to you in 5 business days should you qualify for this program. Participants from all countries are welcome to apply!

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Size Chart

*If you are in-between sizes (or unsure about your size),  please order one size up.

*Our footwear is made in medium to medium-wide lasts. The soft elastic properties of our Novalon® material (used exclusively in Telic), allows for a comfortable fit for many different foot shapes.  For wider feet, we do recommend to order up a size.






5 35


6 36/37


7 38


8  39


9 8 40/41


10 9 42


11 10 43


12 11 44/45


12 46


13 47


14 48/49